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Jason, or “JayBee” as his friends and industry colleagues call him, has worked in the recording industry for over 20 years, spending most of his time working on urban music projects, traditional and digital marketing, producer and artist personal management, A&R consulting, and project management. He represented management clients on projects with Jay-Z, BeyoncĂ©, Usher, Mos-Def, Kanye West, Carl Thomas, Ja-Rule, Lil Wayne, DJ Premier, Fat Joe, DITC, Dipset, G-Unit, Murder Inc., Bad-Boy, and many others. Jason also worked on Grammy award winning and nominated projects, Emmy award nominated projects and received numerous RIAA certified Diamond, Platinum and Gold recordings. He also represented clients and worked on projects for television networks such as HBO, Comedy Central, Showtime, VH-1 and worked on shows like Def Poetry Jam, the Dave Chappelle Show and the Ali G Show.

Outside of entertainment, Jason has represented legal clients with family court custody and matrimonial matters, plaintiff (student) side special education litigation, civil judgment collections, real estate matters including bankruptcy and foreclosure defense, probate and surrogate court filings and litigation, and immigration matters. He has created and developed original business plans for non-profit and for-profit entities, assisted with securing project funding as well as provided project management for both domestic and internationally focused projects. Jason is also the managing partner for the New York Bost Legal Group LLC, which has offices in New York City (Brooklyn) and upstate New York (Rochester).

Jason has also worked extensively with non-profit organizations and has a passion for teaching and community based work. He currently teaches basic and advanced civil litigation procedure as well as business law and graduate courses in business ethics. He also volunteers with a number of organizations including the Special Olympics of New Jersey and spends considerable time guest lecturing and speaking on topics such as race and racism in America, Re-entry issues, criminal justice reform and music publishing and music business basics.

His first book, White black or other: the Struggles and Triumphs Growing up Bi-Racial in America, was published in October of 2017 and has found domestic and international success with copies being sold in over 60 countries world wide. Jason also speaks at schools, colleges and at book stores across the country, sharing motivational life experiences related to the topics explored in his book. Book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iTunes, and most digital and physical book retailers.

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Wonderful people and fantastic service! Thank you to Jason and your team for responded so quickly and prioritizing me when you were so busy. I highly recommend Bost Legal Group for anything related to real estate!
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