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Regardless of what your future goals and dreams are, or what your current life circumstances look like, having quality legal representation is often necessary. Maybe your legal issues are financial in nature; maybe you’re an entertainer who needs to protect your brand, or an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry looking to apply for legal licensing; or maybe your legal issues are more personal; if you’re a non-citizen who wants to give your family a better future, a parent getting divorced who is stressed about custody, a grieving family member trying to settle a deceased loved one’s estate, or a wealthy individual who needs to implement asset protection strategies. Bost Legal Group LLC helps clients in New York City, Brooklyn, Rochester and the entire state of New York confidently navigate a variety of difficult legal journeys! We are your top choice for reliable, elite legal guidance.

Our firm’s founding attorney, Jason C. Bost, Esq., MBA, is a highly skilled, well-rounded lawyer who has extensive knowledge about numerous areas of law. He is passionate about leading clients to the creative legal solutions they need to succeed in life. His colorful business and legal background can give you a huge advantage! After working in the recording industry for over 20 years on projects with many celebrity artists, being involved in the business side of the cannabis industry going back 35 years, and as the managing partner for another major New York law firm, he has the experience necessary to ensure his client’s best outcome. Call today to schedule a free consultation, learn more about your options, and take your next steps!


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Jason C. Bost, Esq., MBA

Jason, or “JayBee” as his friends and industry colleagues call him, has worked in the recording industry for over 20 years, spending most of his time working on urban music projects, traditional and digital marketing, producer and artist personal management, A&R consulting, and project management. He represented management clients on projects with Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Usher, Mos-Def, Kanye West, Carl Thomas, Ja-Rule, Lil Wayne, DJ Premier, Fat Joe, DITC, Dipset, G-Unit, Murder Inc., Bad-Boy, and many others. Jason also worked on Grammy award winning and nominated projects, Emmy award nominated projects and received numerous RIAA certified Diamond, Platinum and Gold recordings. He also represented clients and worked on projects for television networks such as HBO, Comedy Central, Showtime, VH-1 and worked on shows like Def Poetry Jam, the Dave Chappelle Show and the Ali G Show.


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Clara L.

Mr. Bost. Thank you. From the moment that I walked into your office until the very last steps of bankruptcy you put me at ease. I thought my credit was going to be destroyed. You actually gave me a plan to rebuild my credit in two years. Instead of digging out of debt for 10 years you allowed me to skip ahead to having credit again.

Lolade B.

The attorneys at Bost Legal Group recognize the fact that most people engage attorneys at points in their lives that they would love to, if possible, erase, while others engage attorneys in anticipation of those moments. Here at Bost Legal Group, every client is heard and provided with service that is over and beyond what is expected! We would love to hear from you! Call our office for a consultation.

Nancy B.

Wonderful people and fantastic service! Thank you to Jason and your team for responded so quickly and prioritizing me when you were so busy. I highly recommend Bost Legal Group for anything related to real estate!

James W.

Very knowledgeable and personable over the phone. I would highly recommend his service. He was very helpful to me.

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